Many people are being misled and taught that salvation can be lost. This is a dangerous doctrine and it is not at all supported by the Word of God. The following things would have to take place if we were to lose our salvation all of which are impossible.

1. We would be separated from God’s love (Rom.8:35-39). A believer cannot be separated from God’s love. Notice the exhaustive list. In Jn 3:36 it is plain to see that an unbeliever is separated from God’s love in Hell.

2. We would be separated from God’s purpose (Phil.1:6; Eph.1:4,5). What God has started in the life of every believer is the process of sanctification (Eph.4:12; Jer.18:6; I Thess. 5:23). What he has started he will finish (Eph.2:7;5:26,27).

3. Christ’s prayer would not of been answered (Jn 17:11,20-21,24). He prayed that all who were given to him by virtue of salvation would be kept and be with him.

4. God would be forced to lie. Notice these scriptures very closely (Tit.1:2; Heb.6:18; Jn.3:16;5:24). Surely God would not give us the promise of eternal life if we could lose it. How could it ever be eternal if it became temporary due to our shortcomings?

5. God would of contradicted himself in his Word. In Jn 10:27-29 God tells us that he knows his sheep and that he knows them that are his. In Mt. 7:23 however God says to those who are lost and eternally condemned, “I never knew you”.

6. God would have to do a spiritual amputation on the body of Christ (Eph.5:30; I Cor.12:12-27. This cannot take place. Believers are part of this body.

7. God would have to remove the Holy Spirit from us. He was promised by Christ to abide with us forever (John 14:16-18). The following verses prove that it would be impossible to receive the Holy Spirit but at salvation (Jn.1:12 cf. Gal.4:6 cf.Rom.8:9).

8. The Holy Spirits' seal of ownership would have to be broken. This seal was likened unto the Roman seal which was not to be opened until it was delivered unto the recipient. We will be delivered unto Christ at the rapture of the church (Eph. 1:13,14 4:30 ).

9. Christ would literally have to go back to the cross (Jn.19:30; Heb.10:10,14). It’s literally “once for all” Heb.10:10,14 and as redeemed ones we are “perfected forever".

10. We would have to be plucked out of the Christ’s and God’s hand. This beautiful illustration is in Jn.10:27-29. Further illustration is in Jn. 6:38. He won’t cast us out !

11. The present ministry of our Lord Jesus as our advocate would be voided and limited. (I Jn.2:1,2; Heb.4:15-16; 7:25).

12. God would have to do a rebaptism for us into the body of Christ. This of course is not a water baptism but a spiritual baptism that takes place at the moment of salvation. A careful study of the following verses proves this point (1Cor.12:13; Gal.3:26,27; Eph.4:5)

13. God would have to disown us as sons (Gal.3:26;Jn.1:12;), undo our adoption (Gal.4:4,5) and void our inheritance (Rom.8:17;I Pet.1:4). We can lose our fellowship(I Jn.1:6-9) but never our relationship (Gal.3:26; Jn.1:12).

14. God would have to remove our name out of the book of life (Rev.20:15).
The book of life is also called the lambs book of life.(Rev.13:8; Rev.21:27).
All those saved are written in it. (Luke 10:20; Heb.12:23; Phil.4:3). Those that are saved are promised not to be removed (Rev.3:5 cf. I Jn.5:4,5). See also Rom.8:1 and John 5:24.

15. God could no longer be omnipotent (I Pet.1:5). We are not kept by our good works but by God’s power. See also (II Tim.1:12).

16. We would have to work for our salvation! This is a major problem for all those that deny the doctrine of eternal security. It demands good works to keep it. If we could lose our salvation by something we do wrong then we would be keeping it by something we do right. This is not Biblical (Eph.2:8,9; Rom.3:24,25;6:23;Tit.3:5; Eccl.3:14;II Tim.1:9).

17. God would be reduced down to a mere man because he started something that he could not finish (Heb. 12:2). He is the author and finisher of our faith!

18. God’s foreknowledge in election (I Pet.1:2) would have been faulty and inaccurate because he chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world (Eph.1:4). God’s election is always based on his foreknowledge (I Pet.1:2). It is always mans free will.

19. There could be no assurance of ones salvation (I Jn.5:13 cf. Isa.32:17). No one could ever be sure what sins one might commit in the future and thereby lose their salvation. Scripture always presents salvation as a present possession (Jn 5:24).

20. God’s will would not have been done through Christ! This is revealed in (Jn.6:39,40). That will is stated ,concerning believers, that none would be lost and that all would have eternal life. It also includes the guarantee of our resurrection (raised up at the last day).

21.The blood of Christ would have been limited. God tell us very plainly in I Jn.1:7 that his blood cleanses us from ALL sin. All our sins that were laid on Christ (Isa.53:6) were future. So how could we commit a sin after salvation that is not covered? See I Jn.1:9.

22.There would have to be a sin that would lead to our spiritual death as a believer. There is no such thing or mention. There is however the sin unto physical death for the believer in I Jn,5:16 for continued disobedience. See also I Cor.11:28-31; Acts5:1-5;Prov.29:1.

23.It would break the threefold cord of God in our salvation (Eccl.4:12). The Father who planned it (Eph.1:4), The Son who provided it (I Pet.1:18,19), The Spirit who placed it in us (Eph.1:13,14). Just like in creation all three members of the godhead were involved.

24.It would break the threefold cord of ownership. Christ owns us by gift from the Father (Jn.6:37; 10:29;17:6,9,11,24) by his purchase (Eph.1:14; I Pet.1:18,19; I Cor.6:19,20) and by our birth (Jn.1:12,13; Jn.3:5,6).

25. It would break the threefold cord of God’s love. God the father (Jn.3:16), God the Son (Eph.5:25) and God the Holy Spirit (Rom.15:30).

26. It would deny the 7 negatives in the gospel of John. Notice the words not and never Not perish (Jn.3:15;10:28), never thirst (Jn.4:14); not come into condemnation (Jn.5:24,Rom.8:1); never hunger (Jn.6:35), not walk in darkness (Jn.3:19 cf. Jn.8:12 ), not be plucked out (Jn.10:27,28), and never die (Jn.11:26).

27. It would destroy one of the most simplistic and beautiful pictures of salvation. The marriage of a man and a woman. We see this in type in Eph.5:22-33. It was intended to be permanent (Gen.2:21-24; Mt.19:6-9:Rom.7:2,3 cf. Mal.2:14-16).

   Perhaps after reading this you have come to realize that you were never born again the Bible way. Why not make today (II Cor.6:2) the day of your salvation and trust Jesus for your all sufficient remedy from sin (click here to read the Plan of Salvation).

  If you are saved why not thank God today for the eternal security provided you through the Lord Jesus Christ. Pass the message along!